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Once a student has taken the online training, the next step is to discuss the training content with a group of peers in a facilitated discussion group.

Contact if you have questions.

Request an On-Demand Facilitated Discussion for Your Group

This semester, you are able to request a customized discussion group for your student organization, student employees, class, room/housemates, friends, and more.

These discussions are facilitated by trained students, faculty, and staff from across campus who are committed to this project.

By filling out the request form below, you are requesting a Customized Facilitated Discussion for a pre-identified group of 5 to 20 students.

The Fine Print

Requests for dates must be at least 2 weeks from the date you submit this form.

Contact if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discussion Group?

Discussion Groups provide an opportunity to connect with other U of M students about the online training, your experiences, and campus climate. This semester, discussions are by-request only. They can consist of up to 20 students and 2 trained facilitators.

How do I request a facilitated discussion? What all is requested in the form?

It's easy! You simply fill out the Request Form above. You should have a group of 5-20 students or peers who are ready and willing to participate. You'll submit your group's information and give us 3 possible dates/times that work for you. Then, we will follow up once we find facilitators who available to lead your discussion!

You'll get an email from us with all the details. You'll get a Google Calendar calendar invite in which you can invite your group members. Then, on the day of the discussion, your group will join the Zoom and our facilitators will lead the discussion.

Is this in-person or virtual?

All of the discussion groups this semester will take place virtually, over Zoom.

How big or small should my group be?

We've found that the ideal group size is between 12-15 students. However, we can accommodate anywhere from 5 to 20 students per discussion.

If you have more than 20 students in your group, please consider breaking your group up into smaller chunks and request separate discussions for each group.

How long is the discussion?

Each discussion is scheduled for 1 hour.

What can I expect in a Discussion Group?

Each group will be guided by the following community standards:

  • Be authentic and real

  • Speak from personal experience - use “I” statements

  • Listen and share with respect and humanity

  • Be open to new and different perspectives

  • There is always room for growth and learning

  • Be aware of judgments and assumptions

  • Respect and maintain confidentiality

  • Stay in dialogue with each other

  • We are all responsible to create an inclusive community

Facilitators will start the discussion and guide the process. You will be provided questions to discuss, possibly in small groups, with the goal of sharing and learning with others.

Can I be a part of more than one conversation?

Of course! You are welcome to join more than one discussion to continue the conversation.

I'm a staff/faculty member, can I join a discussion?

Sure! But please be mindful that these discussions are intended for students to build community and conversation with one another.

Questions about on-demand discussions?